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Precious Opal - Australia 12x6mm

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Natural precious opal from Australia (Lightning Ridge)


For jewelry - opal is ready for jewelry.

As an investment - the price of opal is dominated by the market.

In the collection or just for pleasure - we send opals in a box in which the opals can be stored.


All our opals are natural.

In processing, we have an individual approach to each opal and use the latest technology.

More than 35 years of experience with precious stones.


Size (mm) 12,4x5,9x3mm
Weight (carats) 1,51ct
Brilliance (scale 1- 5) 4,7
Body Tone (N1-N9) N3
Color pattern Floral
Origin Lightning Ridge - Australia
Gem Type Black Opal
Colors Brightly colored


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