How to care for opals

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How to care for opals

How to care for opals

Opal cleaning

Clean them in lukewarm water with a few drops of detergent, a soft cloth or sponge. We do not use any other chemicals, softeners, bleaches, etc. Never clean an opal in an ultrasonic cleaner. Then rinse the opal with clean running water and dry with a soft cloth. Just wipe triplets and doublets with a damp cloth - never soak them, as they can become brittle.

Caring for opals

Australian precious opals

They require the least care, just a rinse in lukewarm water once every 1-2 years, but usually they are happy with the humidity of the air.

Ethiopian opals

Surprisingly, the Ethiopian opals from the Welo deposit require very little care, although they are strong water drinkers and can do without it. The colour of these opals only comes out fully after the opal has dried out, but again, like Mexican opals, they are much more sensitive to heat.

Mexican opals

They require more care and a bath in lukewarm water is a good idea twice a year.

Doublets and triplets

They require completely different care, water and soaking could cause them to become unglued. Only wipe them with a damp cloth - never soak them as they can get sticky.

Scratches or loss of gloss

If you inadvertently scratch the opal or if frequent use of the jewellery causes the opal to lose its lustre, contact an experienced polisher, repolishing is not difficult.

Storage of opals

When we need to store opals for a longer period of time (several years) it is best to wrap the opal in cotton cloth and put it in a plastic bag with a few drops of water. Or in a jewellery box, where we also drop a few drops of water. Store in a safe place where there is no risk of extreme temperatures or impact damage.

With proper but undemanding care, your opals will survive the ages